Read This Article Before Putting a Q-Tip in Your Ear Ever Again! That’s the Best Way to Clean Your Ears…

14/07/2024 | Nathan Andrews

Summary: Q-tips are not only completely useless at removing wax from your ears, but can actually harm them. This is why a Swiss company has developed a brand-new invention to clean your ears effectively and, most importantly, safely. It’s already spreading like wildfire through social media and it looks like very soon Q-tips with become a thing of the past..

Are you suffering from chronic ear wax build up? Are you a neat freak who just can’t stand the feeling of anything inside your ear? Have you been using traditional cotton swabs, or Q-tips, only to find that it just pushes the wax farther in, or putting it too far inside and feeling the sharp pain and tinnitus from your sensitive ear canal? Well then read on before you put another one of those into your ear.

Face it, nobody actually reads the label on Q-tip boxes that implores you “Do not insert into ear canal”. We put them in, feel the wax going farther in, feel the tenderness of the sensitive canal as we push the cotton head too far inside, and all in all we do more ill than good.

But now there’s a new way. A way to both clean your ears completely, and to do it safely, without all the pain and ear ringing.

What Are We Talking About?

This new product is called the Easy Swabber. A creation of a Swiss hygiene product startup company, made to the highest standards and efficiency of the clock-making country.

Not only does it do a better job cleaning your ears than any tiny cheap wooden stick with cotton ever would, it does it with no pain and 100% safely.

You can finally say goodbye to clogged ears and to all that built up wax and go back to having clean ears with crisp and clear hearing, and all while also reducing the amount of waste you produce as you no longer need the disposable Q-tips with this washable and reusable cleaning kit.

The Best and Safest Way to Clean Your Ears?

As most of us in the office aren’t experts on ear hygiene, we gave the Easy Swabber to our resident ear cleaning expert, as every office has to have one of those.

The first thing that struck him was just how soft and comfortable the silicone spiral tip felt in his ear. No pain, and too short to accidentally push too far inside made it already far superior to anything he ever used.

The second was just how clean his ear felt afterwards. He was shocked to see how much wax it pulled out and how amazingly clear his ears were afterwards.

After wrestling it away from him as he wouldn’t stop massaging the inside of his ears with it, we got him to sit down and narrow down what was so special about the Easy Swabber:

✅ Soft silicone head that massages your ear and removes wax effectively with its special corkscrew shape.

✅ 16 washable and reusable silicone heads for use by the whole family.

✅ 100% safe, far superior to any cotton swab.

✅ Easy to use and maintain, just roll it in your ear and wash it off.

✅ Eco-friendly, saves a lot of waste by being reusable.

✅ Very compact, easily fits in your bag or purse.

✅ Usable for everyone, man woman or child. It is one size fits all.


It came in a nice compact and portable box together with its spare heads and smelled of fresh Swiss ingenuity. There were 16 spare heads in case you lose yours, you somehow managed to wear yours down after years of overuse or you just have lots of family members and want everyone to have their own tip (we recommend writing numbers on them so not to get mixed up).

98% of Users Recommend the Easy Swabber to Their Friends

I’ve always had problem with chronic earwax buildup. Regular cotton swabs never did the trick for me to the point where I actually came up with the same concept as the swiss except I was using a rolled-up toilet paper piece that I would spiral into my ear, but this is on a whole other level. The silicone is so soft and smooth and get’s everything out with no hassle and no pain whatsoever. I love it!

I’ve had quite the trauma from Q-tips after accidently damaging my ear drum about a decade ago and have been staying away from them and ear cleaning in general ever since. It all changed recently when a friend of mine recommended me this product as the best way he knew to clean it safely.

I am an ear cleanliness freak. I don’t leave the house without a couple of cotton swabs in my purse and though overtime I got better at it, I still sometimes push it too far in and feel the pain of my poor ear canal. I saw a friend on Instagram posting this kit and I had to try it. Let me tell you, I was shocked at how much wax was still in there to be cleaned by this amazing little spiral silicone. I always thought my ears were the cleanest in the world and oh boy was I wrong!


Conclusion: Should You Get It?

Do you want clean ears? Do you want to not pierce your eardrum by accident? Then Yes. The Easy Swabber is the best and safest way to clean your ears and if you’re still pushing little wooden sticks into your ear canal, we’re begging you to stop hurting yourself and get this amazing product! And do try to catch the sale while it’s still going!

Finally, there’s the matter of the price. Normally this brilliant little device would cost roughly 78€, but the company is currently having a sale, cutting it by 50% and with free shipping. So you can get yours for just 39€.


  • Easy to Use by Anyone
  • Safe to Use by Children
  • Comfortable Made of Soft Silicone Material
  • 16 Silicone Heads Included Enough for the Whole Family
  • Washable and Reusable


  • High demand, but extremely limited supply


How Do I Get the Easy Swabber?

Now that you know it exists and how amazing it is, here are the simple steps:

  1. We recommend ordering the original Easy Swabber from the official website here.
  2. Throw away your Q-tips and cotton swabs.
  3. Enjoy perfectly clean and clear ears safely and reliably.

: Now with 50% off and with free shipping for a limited time!

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